Can This CD Stop War?
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The music on this disc celebrates peace. Celebrate peace always, even in the midst of war.
War is a great noise of death and destruction, lies and deceit. Confront especially the obscene language of the war-makers, which justifies war and assumes war as a matter of course: Confront war and war talk with silence.  There is no response other than this to war.  Anything else draws you into its shameless madness and ill-logic.  War can be stopped when this Silence is loud enough to drown it out.

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Can This CD Stop War?


Robin L. Øye

This CD is inspired by sadness and anger.  Sadness at the ongoing death and destruction, and anger at the continuing belacosity of my country's leaders, no matter which of the two influence-peddling rackets (so-called political parties ) they belong to.  It is also a call to all who read this, whether  listeners to the CD or not.  It's a call to celebrate peace, and what peace can be. It is also a call to respond to war and war talk with resounding and horrified silence.  Can this CD stop war? Only if it gets you to join it and me in stopping war.  War is the ugliest facet of the corporate crime wave sweeping the US and the world.

This CD is a call to use all talents and abilities to stop wars.  It is a call to be imaginative, resourceful, and supportive of others who oppose war.

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Can this cd stop war